Fair Vote 2K Home Page The Proposition:
   Premise, History, Principles,
   Criteria, the Method, Seeding,
   Nesting, Gerry's Gallery,
   Animation, Technical Reference. Reference:
   Technical Reference,
   Links, Download. The Schedule:
   Final Text, Advice,
   Proponents, AG Summary,
   Petitions, Submission. The Law:
   California Constitution,
   Election Code, Supreme Court.

The Coalition

Initiative Constitutional Amendment for
Automated Districting

Major and Minor Parties Agree

Libertarian Party Wants Fair Vote

Republican Party Endorses Initiative
+ Republican Liberty Caucus
+ California College Republicans

Natural Law Supports District Plan

Endorsements in Review
Reform Party of California
Common Cause of California
League of Women Voters

Personal Endorsements
& Coalition Officers

Local County Coordinators

District Map Analysis
(1990/92 Data files being Processed)

Prepare Promotional Literature
(Request printed Newsletter)

Petition Distribution

November 2000 Petition Fails
Onward to 2K+2!

Promotional Fund Raising
Grassroots Instruction and Training
Media Campaign Preparations
Organizational Rallies
Direct Mail Campaign
Media Appearances & Advertising

Home Law Schedule Campaign


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