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"The Republican Liberty Caucus has endorsed William Westmiller, who reflects our desire for fiscal responsibility and restraint in government, social tolerance and individual liberty."

Laura Crockett-Gordon
California Chair
Republican Liberty Caucus

"No candidate for the 24th Congressional District possesses more expert communication skills, legislative knowledge and devotion to our founding principles than Bill Westmiller."

Gerald Popper
Production Director
Reagan For Governor Committee

"Bill Westmiller is our best hope for a principled and consistent defense of the Bill of Rights and a Constitutionally limited government in Congress."

Elliott Graham
American Pistol & Rifle Association

"We can trust Bill Westmiller to return power to the states, counties, cities and local citizens, where it belongs.."

Sandi Webb
Simi Valley*

*Affiliation for Identification Purposes Only
"Bill Westmiller respects the Constitution and will uphold and defend the Bill of Rights against all infringements and violations."

Edward Thiele
East Ventura NRA Members Council*

*Affiliation for Identification Purposes Only

"I'm confident that Bill Westmiller has the knowledge and resources to make a major contribution to the future of free markets and free minds."

Robert W. Poole, Jr
Sherman Oaks

"Bill Westmiller has demonstrated his commitment to individual liberty, free markets and limited government for over two decades."

Edward Crane, III
CATO Institute*

*Affiliation for Identification Purposes Only. No Endorsement Implied.
"My deepest thanks for your help with our Rally for Equality. Your speech about the importance of virtue and grace was among the most resonant themes of the day. "

Jason M. Steele
California College Republicans*

*Affiliation for Identification Purposes Only, No endorsement implied.
"I am so happy to have your support of this organization and I look forward to working together with you for the future of our children."

Jayne Murphy Shapiro
Kids Safe*

*Affiliation for Identification Purposes Only, No endorsement implied.

"Many of us have given time and money towards the election of candidates who predominantly supported individual rights. Westmiller does so consistently."

Betsy Speicher
Founder and President
SC Objectivist Association
Editor, CyberNet Newsletter*

*Affiliation for Identification Purposes Only.
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