Initiative Constitutional Amendment
CRP Endorsement Resolution

The following resolution was adopted by the California Republican Party and unanimously affirmed by the Initiatives Committee at the February 2000 State Convention.

Re: Fair Vote 2K Endorsement Resolution
Submitted by: William Westmiller,
CRP Associate Member
Chairman, Republican Liberty Caucus, California
Author, Fair Vote 2K Initiative
and by: Dave Churchman,
CRP Member Member,

Whereas the California Republican Party supports fair and equal representation for all voters in California;
Whereas the Party supports the drawing of electoral districts without regard to race, creed, color, national origin or political affiliation;
Whereas the ideal districts are those that are most nearly equal in population and most compactly drawn;
Whereas the "Fair Vote 2K" Initiative would implement an objective, fair, and automated districting process for California following the 2000 Census in compliance with these principles;
Whereas the "Fair Vote 2K" Initiative would appear on the November 2000 general election ballot when qualified;
Therefore, the California Republican Party endorses and supports the "Fair Vote 2K" Initiative proposed for the November 2000 general election ballot.


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