Initiative Constitutional Amendment
The Competition

The Unz/Miller Proposals

Republican Ron Unz and Democrat Tony Miller filed four possible plans for "campaign reform" in March of 1999. They choose the one that had no districting component and qualified for the March 2000 primary ballot as Proposition 25.
Dated Commentary: Unz Districting

The Costa Proposal

People's Advocate CEO Ted Costa, with the support of House Republican Caucus leader Bill Thomas, filed a combination paycut and districting plan called "Let The People Decide", which qualified for the March 2000 primary as Proposition 24. The California Supreme Court ruled that the proposal unconstitutionally offered two different measures and struck it from the ballot. Costa has since refiled two separate proposals, one of which proposes a "Special Masters with Vote" districting plan, aimed at the November 2000 ballot.
Commentary: Costa Districting
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